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A Few Words About Signature Auto

Signature Auto Leasing and Sales is a brokerage firm established in 2006 to ensure the satisfaction of consumers when purchasing or leasing their dream vehicle. We specialize in finding the absolute best deal on any vehicle, whether a lease or buy, to suit the need of each individual.

Signature Auto strives to make the car buying experience stress-free and effortless on behalf of the client. When purchasing an automobile, extraneous amount of research is necessary to make sure the payment and financing is accurate and appropriate for each client’s situation.

Signature Auto has the experience necessary to make certain you get the most superb deal on the vehicle of your choice. This will help you eliminate the runaround from dealership to dealership, as well as escape the aggressive sales teams at each dealership.

  •   I am usually the type of person that rarely ever leaves a review. However this service at signature auto has been so amazing from start to finish that I just couldn't help it. I have never had such a stress free easy transaction. I was referred to Moe Buy a very close friend of mine. My wife was interested in the BMW X6. I went all over dealerships and was looking for a good price and what kind of deal I can get. After weeks of getting nowhere I picked up the phone and called signature auto Moe How many from start to finish. I was able to get a price 30% lower than what I would have gotten anywhere else. It just did not make sense what an amazing deal. Usually these things come at a cost how can this be too good to be true... Something has to go wrong...NOPE. The car arrived everything was perfect the service was amazing phones were answered all the time. Being a business owner I know firsthand that it is sometimes very difficult to satisfy customers. However, this place seriously gets it and I love that. Amazing people and will definitely be doing business for all of my future leases!!!!

    thumb Eli M.
  •   I never write reviews for anyone but I HAD to for the guys at Signature Auto. I've been working with Serj for many years and he has always been the most helpful and most knowledgeable in the game! Moe was helping me along with Serj this time and again, it was nothing short of the best experience. Got me the best deal for the Jeep Compass. They always know how to get me the best deals for all my cars! Don't waste your time going to anyone else, just go to Signature Auto. Believe me, all you need are the guys at Signature. I've already referred all of my family and friends to lease their cars from them. You won't regret it. Thanks for such a great experience, Moe & Serj! Can't wait for my next lease!

    thumb Monica G.
  •   Signature Auto has been amazing to satisfy all my car needs within the past 6 years! Every time we have worked together for a car purchase or lease, they have been able to make the whole "searching and negotiating" very pleasant and seamless when it becomes time to sign all paperwork (10-30 minutes compared to hours at the auto dealer(s). I do not have to waste my time and effort going around town to find the best deal on the specific cars I've wanted. They communicate very clearly and always keep me up to date with the status. Never will I go to a dealer again, but I will simply call up the guys at Signature to take care of my car needs. I highly recommend Signature Auto to anyone, and have to my own family and friends... let them handle your next car purchase or lease.

    thumb Zachary D.
  •   Serj is great! He made the process of leasing a car such a breeze, by providing the best service and the best deal! If you are looking for a professional car leasing company, this is the place to go!

    thumb Vart V.
  •   Got the best deal for several of my last cars, not just one.
    Serge is doing a great job on going above and beyond to satisfy his clients.
    Not only just the deal, but he will work to make sure you get the car you want and you will love.
    You can feel how he feels satisfied when you feel happy with your car, it is NOT about the sale, it is about making you happy and to ensure you love what you get.
    Outstanding job, Serge!

    thumb Gevorg G.
  •   Moso was great! Very professional and on top of his work. He made my car leasing so simple and quick with no hassles or delays! After giving him a price range, he found exactly the car l wanted with an amazing deal and it was parked in my drive way the next day! I highly recommend Signature Auto . They will find you your dream car with a great deal . Thank you Moso !

    thumb Magz J.
  •   I was incredibly fortunate to be referred to signature auto Leasing. Before knowing about this place I've spent way too much time at dealerships, being pushed around with deals "that were best for me". Really ridiculous. I brought all the necessary paper work to Signature and they had me out the door in 45 minutes - no hours of haggling with car salesmen who keep going back "to see what they can do for me". Signature auto is really all about 'no-nonsense' and they got me an amazing leasing deal. If you value your time and money, I truly recommend going to them before wasting even a second anywhere else. Special thanks to Hovo and the rest of the gang for really making this day special for me!

    thumb Anait M.
  •   This was the best and the easiest way to lease a car! Thank you to Serj(Sergey) who found the car I wanted, got the best deal around and delivered it fast. No problems, no delays, great service. I would definitely recommend Signature if you are looking for a new car.

    thumb Yelena D.
  •   Mos from signature auto, has been our go to for every single car. We've bought three so far and all of the monthly payments have beat what we were willing to pay. Moe is not only responsible for giving us timely quotes but he actually makes the deal happen. My family and I have referred many customers to Moe because we trust him. Thank you for finding the BMW 430i that I wanted it. Till next time!

    thumb Nairi T.
  •   I was looking for car all over and I didn't find any deal that fit my requirements, then my friend recommend signature Auto and they find for me the best deal ever and the exact request I couldn't ask for more.
    I got the best service, and I highly recommend Signture auto.
    Thank you I appreciate it.

    thumb Eli A.