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A Few Words About Signature Auto

Signature Auto Leasing and Sales is a brokerage firm established in 2006 to ensure the satisfaction of consumers when purchasing or leasing their dream vehicle. We specialize in finding the absolute best deal on any vehicle, whether a lease or buy, to suit the need of each individual.

Signature Auto strives to make the car buying experience stress-free and effortless on behalf of the client. When purchasing an automobile, extraneous amount of research is necessary to make sure the payment and financing is accurate and appropriate for each client’s situation.

Signature Auto has the experience necessary to make certain you get the most superb deal on the vehicle of your choice. This will help you eliminate the runaround from dealership to dealership, as well as escape the aggressive sales teams at each dealership.

  •   Moso was great! Very professional and on top of his work. He made my car leasing so simple and quick with no hassles or delays! After giving him a price range, he found exactly the car l wanted with an amazing deal and it was parked in my drive way the next day! I highly recommend Signature Auto . They will find you your dream car with a great deal . Thank you Moso !

    thumb Magz J.
  •   Had an amazing experience getting my car and my bf car from signature auto, Hovo was very helpful and he got my car with the best deal in a
    Matter on 1 day. Thank you Signature Auto and Hovo.

    thumb Mel Z.
  •   More like 10 STARS! I rarely leave reviews, but this one is well-deserved. Moe at Signature Auto helped me get into my dream car in little-to-no time and without any hassle. He was very professional, attentive to my thoughts/requests and worked hard to get me a great deal. Their customer service is like no other! I will definitely be getting all my vehicles from Signature Auto, and can not wait to refer my friends & family so they can have the same amazing experience I did. Thank you so much, Moe!

    thumb Brenna K.
  •   I have been their customer since 2007 and have never been anything less than satisfied. Serj will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with the whole process, including returning your car, helping you with the new one, and even go out of your way to guide you where to go to fix the damages that will cost you when you're returning your car. They are very honest. I am so glad that when it comes time for a new car, I have them because God knows how stressful those times can be. You skip the running around and negotiating. Simply test drive a car you like, make sure you know which is best for you and they will take care of the rest. Don't know what you like or what to get, don't worry, they will help you with that too by asking a few simple questions to see what make and model will best suit you. Definitely give them a try next time and I promise you will not regret it.

    thumb Hasmik Tatevosyan G.
  •   My family and I will forever come here. Never fails to help us on getting the best deal. I was in the market for a new Accord. I had every dealer hit me left and right with high rates, I reached out to Moe at Signature Auto and of course he took the best care of me! Moe got back to me within minutes, fighting hard at finding the best deal. Within 2 days I was in their office. Moe helped me from the second I text him, to the second I drove off their lot. He is humble, honest, and is beyond knowledge. HIT UP MOE FOR YOUR NEXT CAR!!!

    thumb Andrew S.
  •   The guys at signature provide the greatest car leasing experience. The vehicle I got is pretty hard to find in a Manuel with the specific color combo I wanted. They were able to locate it within a couple of weeks for a great price. Not only that, they worked around my schedule to make the whole process very enjoyable. I would highly recommend using their services.

    thumb Vahan A.
  •   I am usually the type of person that rarely ever leaves a review. However this service at signature auto has been so amazing from start to finish that I just couldn't help it. I have never had such a stress free easy transaction. I was referred to Moe Buy a very close friend of mine. My wife was interested in the BMW X6. I went all over dealerships and was looking for a good price and what kind of deal I can get. After weeks of getting nowhere I picked up the phone and called signature auto Moe How many from start to finish. I was able to get a price 30% lower than what I would have gotten anywhere else. It just did not make sense what an amazing deal. Usually these things come at a cost how can this be too good to be true... Something has to go wrong...NOPE. The car arrived everything was perfect the service was amazing phones were answered all the time. Being a business owner I know firsthand that it is sometimes very difficult to satisfy customers. However, this place seriously gets it and I love that. Amazing people and will definitely be doing business for all of my future leases!!!!

    thumb Eli M.
  •   Great Service. The transaction was so easy, lots of options and they took their time to go over all the information with us. After our decision was made it only took them hours to bring the car to us it was fast. They Delivered the new car went over all the information. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Eddie Z.
  •   I spent a month looking for a used car. Car dealers want gold for their junk with scratches, issues and too high miles. Buying from a car lot only does the dealer a favor.
    I was referred to Signature Auto and the experience was phenomenal. Sam takes care of you from A-Z. I'm leasing a brand new 2018 with no issues, no problems & no drama. I talked with Sam to narrow down the choice and payment particulars on thursday...and by the end of day Friday....rolling in my new car.

    Sam @ Signature Auto - is the way to go.

    thumb Priority N.
  •   I got 2 cars for these guys
    Best costumer service I could ever expect.
    Super professional
    Super nice
    Super Fast
    And totally loyal and honest.
    For sure I will get my future cars from them
    And recommend to all my friends
    I was working with Moe all the  way , who was very professional, honest , and with tons of patience !!

    thumb Shlomit T.